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Study abroad is a great way for Community and Environmental Sociology majors to enhance what they’re learning in classes on campus. Some programs may help students further understand the international issues they discuss in classes and compare national issues to those in other countries. Study abroad helps students see communities and the environment from broader, more multicultural perspectives, enhancing their ability to contribute to better communities and a better environment. Students may receive a scholarship through Community and Environmental Sociology to support their study abroad.

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To learn more about how study abroad works with the Community and Environmental Sociology major, visit the Major Advising Page on UW Study Abroad. Here, you can find more information about which major courses can and cannot be completed abroad, a general road map of when you should study abroad, a list of potential programs that provide courses that will transfer as credits for your major, and links to other UW Study Abroad resources.

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Shealynn Wegner

DIS Study Abroad in Scandinavia in Copenhagen, Denmark | Summer 2022

“Studying abroad in Copenhagen really changed how I viewed the world around me. Through my program, I was able to take courses that related to my major, immerse myself in local culture, and learn what day-to-day life was like in a Nordic country. I formed friendships with people from across the US and around the world, participated in cultural exchange, and learned from international experts in my field of study.

My favorite part of studying with DIS was the week-long study tour in another country. This allowed students to expand and compare their learning in Denmark to a different country, while also experiencing the cultures and traditions of a new place.

Learn more about Shealynn’s time abroad or reach out with any questions about studying abroad!

Jenna Rethman

DIS Study Abroad in Scandinavia in Copenhagen, Denmark | Summer 2022

The program I participated in incorporated all my passions and interests into an interactive and fun learning environment. We had thought-provoking discussions and engaging lectures. I really enjoyed learning about Denmark’s policies, culture, and similarities and differences from the United States. It was great having a different learning experience, and I met great people along the way.

I am so grateful for my time spent in Copenhagen, and I hope to return soon. My favorite part of the program was the study tours around the city. I really enjoyed speaking with people who were passionate about the same topics as me, and I was able to visit places I would not have known about. One of the study tours was visiting the waste-to-energy plant, which was also a year-round ski slope. Copenhagen was amazing at utilizing its space for the public good by prioritizing necessary infrastructure like a power plant but also combining it with fun recreational activities.

Reach out to Jenna with questions about her time abroad!