Havens Award

A. Eugene Havens Fund: $1500 Award for Graduate Students from Developing Nations

Friends and faculty of the Department of Rural Sociology established the Havens Memorial Fund after the untimely death in 1984 of Professor A. Eugene Havens, who at the time was serving as Chair of the Department.

This Memorial Fund provides a source of financial assistance to graduate students from developing nations who are pursuing a Ph.D. in Community & Environmental Sociology, Sociology, Development Studies, or related disciplines at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The fund exemplifies the noble spirit of our friend, colleague, and teacher, Gene Havens. He devoted his life to improving the lives of people in the developing world by teaching social science to students and supporting them in their efforts to improve the social systems in their nations. The Havens Award Committee grants one cash award per year.

To qualify for the Havens Fund award, applicants must be citizens of a developing nation and in good standing at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the graduate program of the Departments of Community & Environmental Sociology and Sociology, or the Ph.D. program in Development Studies. The Committee will consider all qualified students, and give preference to students who have passed the preliminary examinations and have dissertator status. The Committee will base the award primarily on scholarly merit, considering financial need as well. Recipients of a Havens Award may have other sources of funding, however, they cannot have received support from the Havens Fund in the past. The Havens Award Committee reserves the prerogative to make no awards.

The applicant should submit:

  1. a Havens Fund award application form.
  2. a cover letter that describes financial need
  3. a description of current or proposed research
  4. a letter from the student’s adviser addressing the student’s academic status and progress, scholarly performance, and financial need.

The Havens Award Committee will review applications:

Address your application letters to the Chair of the Community and Environmental Sociology Department Awards Committee. Send all materials electronically or on paper through Megan Banaszak, mbanaszak@wisc.edu, Department of Community & Environmental Sociology, 350 Agriculture Hall, 1450 Linden Drive, Madison, WI 53706, mbanaszak@wisc.edu. The deadline for applications is 1 April.