Asset Building & Community Development


Employing a broad definition of community development, this book shows how asset building can help increase the capacity of residents to improve their quality of life. It provides students and practitioners with theoretical and practical guidance on how to mobilize community capital (physical, human, social, financial, environmental, political, and cultural) to effect positive change. Authors Gary Paul Green and Anna Haines show that development controlled by community-based organizations provides a better match between these assets and the needs of the communities.

New to the third edition: The new edition includes two new chapters on topical issues: these illustrate how the asset-based approach can be applied to food, energy, and natural disasters. The new edition also considers the impact of today’s economic and political climate. It includes new material on sustainability, the Obama administration initiatives, youth-based organizations, subprime mortgages, housing foreclosures, and green building.

Description courtesy of Sage Publications.