Crowe Scholarship for Grad Student Thesis/Dissertation Research

The Crowe Scholarship for Graduate Student MA Thesis or PhD Dissertation Research continues past practices of supporting promising graduate student thesis and dissertation research. Applicants should submit a two-page (maximum) statement of purpose, methodology and timeline, and expected contributions to the discipline. In addition, the proposal should contain a one-page itemized budget of the estimated costs, a one-page vita, and a letter of support from the student’s primary advisor. Applicants must be enrolled in the combined graduate program of Sociology/CES and have a CES faculty member as their official advisor. The maximum allowable budget for awards must not exceed $3,000. The Community and Environmental Sociology Department Awards Committee will judge the intellectual merit of the application (or ask a CES faculty member other than the student’s advisor who is knowledgeable in the student’s subject area to judge the application). If the student receives outside funding for the proposed research after the application is submitted, the student must inform the Scholarship Committee and the CES award may be withdrawn or modified. Proposals must be approved or have approval pending by the student’s dissertation committee. There is a lifetime limit of one award (one MA and one PhD) per student. Applications are due on February 1st.

Past Award Winners


Ozlem Altiok


Rob Chiles
Bob Thomas
Annabel Ipsen


Katherine Fallon
Amanda McMillan Lequieu


Sarah Farr
Abigail Letak