Undergraduate News

Capstone Presentations

Over the 2010-11 academic year, we heard a great set of presentations from our capstone students. This list of names and titles will give you a bit of a flavor of what our students are interested in:

Fall Semester:

  • Drew Newman: “The Positive Effects of Community Gardens on Youth.”
  • Hannah Birkholz: “Labor Relations: Safety in the Workplace.”
  • Katie Grimm: “A Different Perspective on Leadership: Anti-Racism and Racial Justice in the Madison Community.”

Spring Semester:

  • Nick Lois: “Increasing Knowledge About Fruits and Vegetables in Dane County Food Pantries.”
  • Cynthia Novak: “The Natural Step Monona: How Does An Organization Grow?”
  • Jamie Trembula: “Affordable Housing In Madison.”
  • Ian Krauss: “Physician Recruitment in Wisconsin.”
  • Meghan Heitman: “Blue Skies Greener Pastures Initiative.”
  • Sam Kanson-Benanav: “Thirst for the Good Life: Alternative Development and Indigenous Water Rights.”
  • Brian Hedberg: “Creating Organizational Stability and Cultivating Involvement in Student Organizations.”
  • Mike Fortney: “A Snapshot of Wisconsin Grazing.”
  • Leah Edgar: “Laboratories of Democracy.”
  • Helen Yu: “Landscapes in Other States: Urban Agriculture in the US.”

Graduating Seniors

We’re proud of our 2010-2011 graduates: Mike Fortney, Katie Grimm, Page Mieritz, Jamie Trembula, Meghan Heitman, Helen Yu, Drew Newman, Ashley Lee, Danielle Dovnik, Allen Dewitt, Sara Myers, Brian Hedberg, and Sam Kanson-Benanav.

Crowe Outstanding Senior Award Winners

The Evelyn Crowe Outstanding Senior Award is given to students for outstanding academic achievements as a senior. We would like to congratulate Sam Kanson-Benanav and Mike Fortney for winning this year’s award. Sam is currently working at the Underground Food Collective and is considering a future that might involve community organzing. Mike hopes to go to law school in the fall of 2012 and may study environmental law.

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