Faculty News

  • Katherine Curtis’s research, with graduate student Heather O’Connell, on poverty in Wisconsin is coming out in a series of briefings.
  • Daniel Kleinman received an NSF grant for his work with Sai Suryanarayanan on “Finding Sustainable Solutions to Honey Bee Health.” Volume 3 of Kleinman’s co-edited series of volumes, Controversies in Science and Technology, is due out this summer.
  • Jane Collins and Laura Senier have been awarded the University Housing’s Honored Instructor Award. This award is given in recognition of a professor’s important contribution to student learning.
  • In May, Tom Heberlein signed a contract with Oxford University Press to publish The Anatomy of Environmental Attitudes. This is a capstone book which looks at how attitudes grow, change, and influence pro environmental behaviors. A 2012 publication date is expected.
  • Jack Kloppenburg has won a Division of International Studies Global Scholars Award for his GreenHouse Global Village proposal.

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