2011-2012 Undergrad Alumni

Memories and Future Plans

What was your best memory from being a Community and Environmental Sociology major?

“The diversity of people and their passions in this major. I enjoyed the sharing of ideas and values that often differed from my own, keeping me curious and excited about what goes on in the world today.”–Katherine Mitchell

“My favorite memory from being a C&E Soc major was Jack Kloppenburg’s 112 class. It was one of the first classes that kept my interst throughout the semester and made me questions how I lived my life. It was also in this class that I first heard about C&E Soc, or Rural Sociology at that time, and instantly made me change my major.”–Ian Krauss

“My best memory from being a C&E Sociology student was the chance to meet the coolest professors doing some of the best and most interesting work on campus”–Brian Schneider

“My best memory was Jill Harrison’s Sociology of Agriculture class, where I had so many of my foodie friends in that class, and Jill throwing at us more questions than she would answer, allowing us to hash out our thoughts with each other about the intricate issues in agriculture. Also, in C&E Soc 140 (also taught by Jill Harrison) we read “Unpacking the White Knapsack” by Peggy McIntosh. That completely revolutionized my world at the time, and I have taken that to fuel further learning in anti-racism and white privilege.”–Jen Bloesch

What do you expect to be doing in six months?

“I’m completing my Public Affairs and Energy Policy Masters degree at UW-Madison. I will be actively seeking full-time employment by the time I graduate in May 2013, if not already settled into a job where I can use my analytic and writing skills to promote a more sustainable future.”–Katherine Mitchell

“In six months I hope to be working somewhere where I can do environmental research and get my hands dirty!”–Ian Krauss

“In six months I’ll be planning for another season of vegetable farming while working part time at Capital Brewery in Middleton, WI.”–Brian Schneider

“In six months–I have no idea. I am working on an organic CSA farm currently, but hope to find a full-time job (ideally in food activism) in the fall for the next couple of years.”–Jen Bloesch

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