Agroecology Masters Program Thrives

This fall will be the 4th year of the interdisciplinary Agroecology Masters Program at the UW, the only graduate degree in agroecology in the US. Our faculty has been instrumental in developing and supporting the program from the start, including the late Fred Buttel, who was central to the program’s early visioning. Six current Community and Environmental Sociology faculty are affiliates of Agroecology, including Mike Bell, the program chair, and Jill Harrison, a member of the program’s governance committee. Despite the difficult economic times the program was able to admit and fund for this fall its largest cohort ever. The nine new faces include two students who our faculty in Community and Environmental Sociology will advise, in addition to the four Agroecology students we already advise, all working to bring the program’s motto–“cultivating a beneficent agriculture”–to reality.

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