Joshua Garoon

Assistant Professor


(608) 890-0981

Office Location

340A Agricultural Hall
1450 Linden Drive
Madison, WI 53706

I study the ways in which health, development, and the environment intersect across Africa and the United States, and how those intersections manifest in health inequalities at the local level. I’m particularly interested in how health inequalities are shaped by global, national, and local stakeholders’ attempts to define and act on community and neighborhood resources; in short, I investigate environmental governance. My work cuts across anthropology, sociology, and epidemiology, and my projects in both Africa and the U.S. employ a community-engaged research framework.

Education: Ph. D., 2009, John Hopkins University


C&E Soc 533: Public Health in Rural & Urban Communities
C&E Soc 540: Sociology of International Development, Environment, and Sustainability