Kendl Kobbervig is the receipent of a Sierra Club award.

Congratulations to Kendl Kobbervig, a receipent of the 2017 Merit Award for Sierra Club. She won the award for her passionate and innovative leadership (different way to say this?) within the Sierra Club. The John Muir chapter of the Sierra Club protects Wisconsin’s ecosystem and environment through grassroots lobbying, education, litigation, and working to elect officials that support the environment into office.

Lucas Rapisarda’s Work With Rosedale Freedom Project

Lucas Rapisarda, an alumni of the department, is currently working with the Rosedale Freedom Project. The Rosedale Freedom project works with young people (also known as Freedom Fellows) in the community advance their academic, social, and interpersonal skills. A commitment to the four principles of the Rosedale Freedom Project (Love, Education, Action, and Discipline) is very important to the experience in the project. The project hopes that a commitment to these principles will help the Freedom Fellows create new opportunities and change within the community.

Laura Schlachter is a recipient of the National Service and Civic Engagement Research award

Congratulations to Laura Schlachter, recipient of the National Service and Civic Engagement Research award. This award will fund her dissertation research “Reevaluating the Workplace-Civic Engagement Relationship”. She will build on existing research, address gaps in knowledge, and explore innovative ideas and methodological approaches to this developing field. Laura’s research will analyze how participatory forms of workplace organizations can be a strategy to increase civic engagement and will be a resource to practitioners and policymakers who are reorganizing work to create economic opportunity in disadvantaged communities. It will contribute to the broader conversation of redesigning civic infrastructure to reinvigorate American democracy.