Majors Participate in Undergrad Symposium

Six Community & Environmental Sociology majors participated in the 2016 UW Undergraduate Symposium. The symposium is an opportunity for students to display and present their work—through oral presentations and poster sessions—to UW faculty, staff, and students.   “Poverty in Bethel County, Alaska.” Josh Steger Alaska is rich in beauty, natural resources and landscapes, but we often forget about the poor, native populations that live there. This research explores poverty in Bethel County, which has the highest poverty rate in Alaska. I investigate the factors that influence inequality between this population and others. Using data from the American Community Survey and other secondary sources, I examine how Bethel County’s demographic, political, economic, and community factors affect the level of poverty there. Bethel’s Native American population is dependent on natural resources and is spatially isolated from other communities, and the cost basic necessities are high. The best options for Bethel County are to invest in community and outreach centers to help increase social capital among residents along with other opportunities.   “Policies Promoting Rental Assistance Beneficial for Low Income Community Health.” Delaney Cairns Federal and State policies have ingrained homeownership ...
April 19, 2016
Department Alumni

Tim Slack BS 1998

Having grown up in a small town, Tim Slack has always been interested in how often rural places are overlooked in discussions about social and political issues. That interest drew him to community and environmental sociology at CALS. Slack appreciates the opportunity he had at CALS to learn from and work with excellent faculty who are leaders in their field and who challenged him intellectually, an experience that helped him see the important role that the social sciences have to play in the land grant mission, something that remains important to him to this day. Slack is an associate professor and director of undergraduate studies in the Department of Sociology at Louisiana State University, where he teaches a variety of courses ranging from introductory sociology to a specialized graduate seminar on the sociology of poverty. His research focuses on questions related to social and economic inequality, including the issues of underemployment and poverty.
April 14, 2016

Information About the Major

Prospective students are welcome to contact Megan Banaszak to learn more about the major. Feel free to come to 350 Ag Hall from 7:45-11:45 or 12:30-4:30 to meet with her. You can also e-mail Megan at mbanaszak@wisc.edu.
October 4, 2013

Who We Are

Faculty, students and staff in the University of Wisconsin's Department of Community and Environmental Sociology are concerned with a wide array of issues from environmental degradation and globalization to sustainability and local food systems. The faculty is made up of an interdisciplinary group trained in fields ranging from sociology to science and technology studies and environmental studies. We are an engaged group, whose work while theoretically informed, is often directed at intervening in and affecting real life situations. Our graduate program is equally dynamic and is offered jointly with the UW's Department of Sociology.
August 12, 2013